Playing Bexleyheath for the First Time

1st / 10th holes (par4 )dog leg right. If players on the ninth hole have a ball on the green, they have the right to continue if they wish to do so that is to say you should not tee off. After that alternate. Do not tee off until the corner is clear and players ahead are out of sight.

2nd /11th ( par 3) down hill

3rd /12th (par 3) straight flat hole

4th (par4) green in front of white houses to right of small mound. Do not tee off until all players both on the 4th and 9th are out of range. If players are on the 9th tee alternate tee shots. After tee shot and approaching your ball listen out for bell which indicates players are teeing off on 18th. If heard do not proceed past a line level with the 6th /15th tees to your right. Continue play when you can see players walking down pathway from 18th tee.

5th /14th (par4). Tee shot down hill into valley. Second to green between trees on top of hill. Players on 6th / 15th tee to your right have right of way and you must let them tee off and pass through before playing your approach shot. Most golfers either take all clubs up to the green, or leave their bags at the bottom of the steps, taking the clubs they may require up to the green with them. Having completed the hole please access the 6th / 15th tees from the rear, using the steps.

6th /15th (par 4) . Elevated green to left of poplar tree. You have right of play over those playing from beyond the poplar on the 8th / 17th fairway directly ahead. Having teed off, please leave the tee via the rear steps and do not walk off the front. When approaching second shot look out and give right of way to those driving off 8th / 17th tees which are directly ahead of you (the 17th tee may be obscured by the poplar tree).

7th / 16th ( par 3) downhill . Do not tee off until ladies tee in front of green is clear.

8th /17th ( par 5) drive straight to bottom of hill on left. Second shot up hill using marker posts for line. Green is set back right. 

9th ( par 4) Tee is at bottom of path follow signs. If players are on 4th tee then alternate tee shots. Do not tee off if people are playing 4th and are in range. You are likely to have to walk to the tree with the seat beneath it to see (if players are on the 4th tee, they can give the “all clear”. Green is left of mound and a tall white flag pole is visible behind the green.

Second nine

As above but for :

13th ( par 4) as 4th but with elevated tee up path visible to your right. Marker post indicates line of play. Do not walk up to tee and commence play until players in front or those playing the 9th are clear of grass mound. Ring “bell” before playing.

18th ( par 4) follow sign from 8th /17th green . Do not play if players are in the valley below playing the 4th /13th. Once they are clear and beyond pimple ring bell in amongst conifers to the right before playing. It is likely to be necessary to walk well forward to check that the way is clear.

In the event of any damage or potential damage caused by balls going over boundary fences then please report incidents to the manager ASAP after the round.

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