Consider the following suggestions for speeding play. In themselves each suggestion will only save a few seconds per hole but when multiplied by the number of shots/holes/competitors they can make a significant difference to the length of a round. If each player in a fourball were to save just 25 seconds per hole, 30 minutes could be knocked off a round.

  • If the green is out of range, play your shot, do not wait for the green to clear.
  • Walk briskly between shots - this has health benefits too!
  • Having played a shot, try carrying the club just used until you reach your ball or a fellow competitor is playing before putting it away.
  • Mark your card on the next tee, not on the green.
  • Mark your card when others are teeing off (either before or after you have played your ball).
  • Leave your bag / trolley en route to the next tee.
  • Having chipped to the green, mark your ball before moving your bag / trolley to the right place and selecting your putter. This allows fellow competitors to continue playing.
  • Consider the line of your putt whilst others are putting (provided this does not disturb anyone)
  • The first player to hole out could be ready to replace the pin once the last player has holed out.
These things would quickly become second nature and would benefit everyone in the long run.

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